Outside Event #3: Outside Lands Music Festival

9 Dec

For my third outside event I decided to write about an event I went to earlier in the semester, Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco.  Held every year in the gorgeous backdrop of Golden Gate Park, Outside Lands Music Festival is a music, art, food, and wine festival that features talent from all around the world.  Over the course of three days people embark into Golden Gate Park for three days of jam packed performances.

What I enjoyed about the event was that not only was it located in San Francisco, but there was a very interesting sense of community while you were there.  Over 50,000 people gather from all over the world into the park and you could definitely sense this feeling of excitement and energy everywhere.  The festival was also set up like an adventure as well featuring installation art from local California artists, the park featured different lands which the attendees would travel throughout.  It was amazing to see people gather together to see acts such as Arcade Fire, Little Dragon, The Roots, and many more acts from around the world.  I particularly enjoyed seeing Foster the People and British singer Ellie Goulding live.

Outside Lands was definitely an experience as it became really crowded at times trying to navigate your way around the festival grounds. Also, the dust storms caused by thousands of people walking were wrecking havoc on my allergies.  With that aside I had a great time and was very thankful to be able to see all the performances I did and meet so many great people.  The photos above are taken by me and capture some of my favorite moments from the festival, such as walking in the entrance with anticipation, the beautiful lights, Foster the People, and blurred lights from the main stage.


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