Outside Event #2: Weekend by Andrew Haigh

9 Dec

For my second outside event I decided to venture out to Landmark Cinemas a see a film I typically wouldn’t normally see, and this was Weekend by British director Andrew Haigh.  I read an interview with the main character in the film before, which peaked my interest in the film and I was pleased to see that the film has had much acclaim from various film festivals.  Weekend is a story about two men who have a chance meeting and end up spending the weekend together, filling a big void in each other lives, but cannot be together because one of them is leaving for the United States.  While the two men in Weekend had a lot of chemistry, their relationship and story sort of  reminded me of Lost In Translation, another example of two people who have this attraction that cannot be together because of physicality.

In the article I read with one of the main characters, Tom Cullen, he said that he was straight but I found both actors very convincing.  We often do not see many gay couples represented in film with the exception of Brokeback Mountain, but I found this film Weekend to be a much more realistic and life-like portrayal of a gay couple, mediating between their family and friends and society.  Maybe it was because they were British, but the film had a really good witty vibe to it and authenticity in the story and events that made it likable.  Overall, Weekend was a great movie and I would recommend it to my friends.


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