Pow Wow Highway by Jonathan Wacks

29 Nov

Pow Wow Highway was a great movie about white prejudice against Native Americans and the Red Bow family’s triumphant escape from corrupt policemen in Santa Fe.  At first I was questioning why we were watching the movie for class but I found the movie to be very interesting and surprised by Philbert’s character.  We can see that Philbert is very caught up in his quest to obtain objects for his medicine bag, so the journey to Santa Fe to save Bonnie is also a spiritual journey for him.  Initially we think of him as this gumpy, spineless individual whose mind is completely somewhere else, but his quest ends up helping them break Bonnie free safely and possibly with the help of powers greater than themselves.  The end of the movie solidifies the bond between Buddy and Philbert but also shows power of the objects in Philbert’s medicine bag.  Another character I enjoyed in the movie was Rabbit, who I initially thought was Dolly Parton, but she added some much needed sass and humor to the movie.  Overall, it was a good movie and an insight into the injustices that occurred with Native Americans.


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