Life Through a Lens… Annie Leibovitz

6 Nov

Life Through a Lens is a wonderful documentary about the life of legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz.  I throughly enjoyed learning about her early history with Rolling Stone Magazine, and progression from being a rock and roll photographer to multifaceted artist.  Having a background in fashion, I can remember very distinct instances flipping through issues of Vogue admiring her incredible photographs.  Like with any established and revered artist you can see their signature stamp and the documentary did a really incredible job at explaining how Leibovitz came to develop that thought-provoking style of hers.  It is hard to explain but you can always point out a Annie Leibovitz photograph.  The documentary made me think of the movie Almost Famous, where the teenage boy follows a big band for a magazine story.  I wondered if this was based on Leibovitz’s life since her method of achieving those great photographs was by joining the tour of famous artists, being enveloped in their daily lives, and capturing the most candid photos.  Another interesting side of the documentary was her personal life, we see that she is a huge family person and that she had a partner who passed away.  Life Through a Lens, was a great insight into the life of famed photographer.

Self portrait of Annie Leibovitz.

I love the story behind this photo of Fleetwood Mac, Leibovitz pictured them all on this bed together with linens strewn amongst them.  It was symbolic of their highly complicated relationships with one another.

My favorite photograph of Kristen Dunst and Jason Schwartzman for American Vogue.


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