Manufactured Landscapes by Jennifer Baichwal

19 Oct

Manufactured Landscapes is a documentary film about photographer Richard Burtynsky’s work all over the world.  In class we watched a few segments from the film but I also watched the entire film at home.  Manufactured Landscapes is just as the name implies,  the man-made landscapes whether natural or disruptions of natural occurrences.  While Burtynsky’s original intentions were just to portray these massive created landscapes, this film also serves (well for me) as an environmental awareness message.  It is just incredible some of the conditions these people have to live/work in, for instance the oil rig cleaners in Bangladesh, or the e-waste  salvagers in China.  Not only is the Earth being severly being destroyed by our consumption, humans are also being affected negatively because  of it as well.  The photos in the film served as striking reminders of the impact us humans have on the earth.



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