Buena Vista Social Club by Wim Wenders

12 Oct

Buena Vista Social Club was a very interesting to me in the fact that I have seen very little photographs or videos inside Cuba so it was intriguing to see what the country looked like.  While the country looked very impoverished there was something beautiful about the colors and the old architecture of Havana.  Prior to this I didn’t have much exposure to Cuban music so I found the music in the film to be very entertaining as well.  There are parts of the film where I thought dragged on a bit, but I believe that was because of the format of the film, in which each artist was introduced one by one.  One artist that really stuck out to me was Omara Portuondo, I found not only was her smokey voice very unique sounding but her personality as well.  I loved the scene where she is walking through the streets of Cuba in her long color gown singing with locals.  While some people did not know what the Buena Vista Social Club was, I felt like those who did know, held reverence for the club’s performers. Which is why Carnegie Hall was such a good fit to hold their concert.  Overall, Buena Vista Social Club was an interesting look into a fleeting world that I would have never been exposed to.





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