Billy Elliot by Stephen Daldry

5 Oct

“Billy Elliot” is a story about a young boy who secretly takes ballet lessons and is able to overcome many obstacles such as his families predetermined ideas on masculinity and economic status.  What i enjoyed the most about the film is the way Billy was was able to change his father and brother’s mind about the art of ballet.  There was a great sense of worry from them that ballet wasn’t masculine enough for him but he proved them wrong and was able to change his family’s opinion through his talent.  It was really touching to see how much confidence Billy’s ballet teacher had in him, to the point where she was willing to dedicated time to privately train him for free and even offer to pay for his fare to London.  In away she was like the mother figure that Billy missed out on.  Another interesting thing about the movie was how it combined music of the era and region like U2 and British Punk with classical music like Tchaikovky.  I think it added a nice contrast between Irish culture and the high-bow art of ballet.  Like “Wasteland” last week, “Billy Elliot” is another example of how art can deliver you to greatness.


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