Rabbit Proof Fence by Phillip Noyce

19 Sep

“Rabbit Proof Fence” is a film that is based on a true story of three aboriginal girls who escape Moore River Native Settlement, a segregated camp for children of mixed descent, and sucessfully return home to their families.  The film was a great example of perseverance and determination as these young girls battled harsh conditions, hunger, and risk of capture on their journey.  It is quite remarkable that they were able to survive as they did on the land and from the kindness of others.  It was like the girls has this internal map that helped guide them home.  Throughout the movie you could hear the sound of the digeridoo aiding in their long journey home.  The film also made me sad to think about people’s attitudes towards indigenous people.  It is unfortunate that their culture not only had to be whittled down to a few tribe but also forced to assimilate against their will.  It is a problem that we have faced here in America, and it is just very sad to know that it is a problem globally.


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