ONCE by John Carney

12 Sep

We had the opportunity to view the Academy Award Winning film, Once by John Carney in class.  The film was about two street performers/vendors that have a chance meeting and connect.  And through their connection they were able to produce great music together.  You can see that these are two very different people who are attracted to each other by the way they produce music.  It was brought up in class that the film was very low-budget (only cost $160,000 to make) and I could definitely see that through the filming which was shaky at time.  While I enjoyed the story, the production and writing of the story made me lose interest especially towards the end.  I found the comedy to be dull at times which took away from the movie.  However, even with those discrepancies the relationship between the two main characters was very sweet.   The the movie ended very well and realistically since the two did not end up together in fact each parted ways to follow their own dreams of happiness.

The clip of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova winning an Academy Award for Best Original Song was such an awesome clip because it shows that everyone has the potential to make an impact in the industry no matter how much money or support you have.  “Once” beat out larger motion pictures with bigger budgets like “August Rush” and “Enchanted” which was such an amazing feat!  What was profound was that Glen Hansard advised viewers to “make art” encouraging others to be courageous and inspiring others to make art fearlessly.


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